1. All pets are NOT allowed.
  2. Smoking is NOT allowed in the room / apartment.
  3. Pork (meat or cooked) and alcohol drinks are NOT allowed in the room / apartment.
  4. NO prohibited items allowed (drugs, syabu, gun, explosives).
  5. NO unmarried couple / NO immoral, vices or disobedience activity are allowed in the room / apartment. The management does NOT bear the vicious act that happens in the room / apartment.
  6. Switch off all lights, fans, tv, air-cond & wall plug when leaving the house or check-out (except internet modem).
  7. Place the furniture at the original location.
  8. Place all food wastage in the garbage bag provided.
  9. Do not make noise and please be nice to neighbor.
  10.  Do not take out any items from the room / apartment. Any missing items must be replaced immediately.
  11.  Any damage or broken items must be reported in advance and compensation must be paid before check-out.
  12.  Check-out time is before 12.00 noon. Any late check-out need to be informed earlier (by 10 a.m) but only to be permitted by manager with or without extra payment.
  13.  Any extended stay has to be informed earlier (by 10 a.m) but only to be permitted by manager. The extended payment has to be settled by 12 noon whether via online transfer, credit/debit or cash. Credit/debit and cash payment has to be settled at the registration desk.
  14.  The management has reminded the maximum numbers of guests are allowed in room (2 adults), 1-bedroom apartment (4 adults),  2-bedroom apartment (6 adults) and 3-bedroom apartment (8 adults).
  15.  Guests are allowed to use common facilities including swimming pool. Guests are reminded to wear appropriate swimming attire and bring along bath towels provided in the room / apartment to use at swimming pool and also dry cloths to change. Guests are NOT allowed to enter the lift in wet condition.